Principal UX Designer

VW. Two letters. Endless opportunities. Abright future.
Innovation. Sophistication. Optimization. This is ourPassion.
Worldwide, theVolkswagen Group has a long tradition of dramatic innovations. The VolkswagenGroup with its headquarters in Wolfsburg is one of the world's leadingautomobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. The Groupcomprises twelve brands from seven European countries: Volkswagen PassengerCars, Audi, SEAT, ?KODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati,Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN. Here in the US, we are blendingGerman engineering with American ingenuity. Located in the heart of SiliconValley, the Volkswagen Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) is becoming theepicenter of vehicle electronics expertise in North America. The ERL team ofengineers works with researchers and development teams in the US, Germany andacross the globe. Our mission is to develop innovations and technologies forfuture generations of cars, and to transfer technologies from many industriesinto the automotive domain.
Principal UXDesigner
As a Principal UXDesigner, you're responsible for managing and ensuring the quality andexecution of design, as well as the research and prototyping activities withinthe Advanced UX Studio. As a hands-onleader, you work side-by-side with the team, while defining and enforcing processesand best-practices that systematically ensure the consistent quality of theteams output. You design human-centered, interactive stories and uniquesolutions that have purpose, address real needs of people and brands, challengelong-standing assumptions, and win over the toughest skeptics.
As part of theAdvanced UX Studio Leadership Team, you participate in staffing decisions andtake an active role in inspiring, empowering, developing, and mentoring teammembers to reach top performance and professional growth.
You lead the team indeveloping, prototyping, testing and iterating on innovative UI/UX solutionsthat blend design, technology, strategy, and customer value, to push the envelopeand inspire development teams and leaders to invest in new ideas. In doing so,you wear many hats, from hands-on project lead to being a partner to strategists,researchers, designers, developers, and external associates. You guide theexecution, from an interaction design and development perspective, to ensureour interactive work has high business impact and beautifully made.
Hands-on Leadership in Ideation, Prototyping,Integration and Strategy (50%)
Act asProduct Owner or Proxy-PO: define acceptance criteria, establish projectmilestones, moderate collaborative prioritization of the design and realizationbacklogs, manage internal/external project budgets and resources.
Managerelationships with technical and management stakeholders: define and documentproject plans, architectures, interfaces, technical capabilities, requirements,and dependencies. Ensure the team has freedom to explore and prototypedisruptive concepts. Aggregate project/progress reports andpresentations for management, stakeholders, and project affiliates.
Enableways for the team to say 'yes' while managing complexity and stability in ourhigh-fidelity prototypes, show cars, and exhibits. Prepare for frequent changesas part of the creative process; and, ensure an agile workflow resulting in high-quality,on-time deliverables while maintaining brand cues,styling, safety requirements, and engineering criteria.
Create opportunities to explore experimental prototypingmaterials, methods and technologies; while managing risk and quality ofon-going projects.
Frameteam member interactions with internal and external project partners to empowerthe team. Ensure proper knowledge transfer with appropriate documentation forthe relevant parties. Facilitate transfer of actionable deliverables tothe relevant parties within Volkswagen Group and the Brands.
Manage and secure portfolio of intellectualproperty; encourage and support team members to write and file patents.
Organize and lead meetings and demos forexecutive management, press, regulators, and consumer advocates. Drive a shiftin mindset, perspective, and openness for disruptive concepts. RepresentVolkswagen Group at conferences, with regulatory authorities and the media.
Strategyand Team Leadership ? (20%)
Work closely with the Director and the other Principalsof the Advanced UX Studio to establish overall vision and culture of the department. Contribute to decision making about strategicstaff and resource allocation and communicating appropriate visions, guidelinesand policies to the department.
Manage communication with main stakeholders inthe Brands and Group on an operational level. Negotiate and define scope, timelines, and deliverables with variousstakeholders across VW Group and external partners.
Mentor and guide team members in aligning theirindividual development goals with project/department goals to ensuresustainable operation and healthy culture of growth and innovation.
Develop network, implement partnerships, andcollaborate with internal and external partners, startups, suppliers, researchinstitutions, universities, etc. Facilitatenetworking and development opportunities for team members.
Quality Management and Skill Development (20%)
Defineand enforce team-internal processes and best-practices that ensure continuousimprovement and consistent quality in design and execution of the team's work.
Keep upto date with technology and design trends. Showcase the latest practices and creativeuses of emerging technologies to the wider company.
Shareyour UX superpowers through teaching and actively shape the growth of teammembers through mentoring and coaching. Take charge in continuously developingand supporting your team members to grow professionally and develop theirindividual research, design, and engineering skills.
Additional Responsibilities (10%)
Dowhatever it takes to get things done while following company processes andprocedures.
Activelypropose, advocate, and drive the implementation of VWGoA Process Improvementsthat support the VW Group Digitalization Strategy and Initiatives.
Years of Experience:
Strongportfolio covering 8-12 years or more of relevant Automotive UI/UX Design Experienceworking as an UI/UX Designer, Human Factors Engineer, Industrial Designer, DigitalDesigner, Mechanical Design Engineer, Mechatronics Designer, or relatedprofession.
Inaddition to your hands-on experience, you should also have at least 2 years ofLeadership/Management Experience.
Education Required:
Bachelor'sDegree in Interaction Design, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechatronics,Mechanical Engineering, Human Computer Interaction or a wide range of relatedfields.
Education Desired:
Mastersor PhD in related discipline
Strong programming skills, strong IT background
Required Specialized Skills
AutomotiveUI Expert: You've run many Automotive UI projects, ideally, in bothpre-development and product stages. You've picked up extensive knowledge andexperience with Automotive UI/UX design processes, human factors and regulatoryrequirements. You have a strong understanding of multiple regionalmarkets, especially the North American markets.
Hands-on Digital Artisan: Your design and prototypingsuperpowers bring future experiences to life with today's technologies. You'rean expert in working with multiple software and prototyping technologies, andhave a strong portfolio of automotive projects under your belt.
Human-centered Design Methods: You systematically andcollaboratively ensure that ergonomics, interactions, experiences andprinciples are grounded in research and refined based on the real needs ofdiverse users.
Hype-busting X-ray Vision: You have great instincts and tenacity for cutting through the hype. Youcan quickly deconstruct emerging technologies & trends to develop a fundamentalunderstanding of the underlying drivers, strengths and limitations that can beextrapolated into the future.
Engaging Communicator: You articulate concise and soundrecommendations and tell engaging human-centered stories tailored to internal andexternal stakeholders. You're comfortable and effective presenting to boardmembers, senior executives, press, regulators, and consumer advocates.
Project Coordinator: You've managed the outsourcing of prototypingand fabrication to a global network of external suppliers, and ensured qualityexecution and integration of complex prototypes.
Digital Gearhead: You have passion and find purpose in shaping thefuture of mobility. You're revved up and motor oil or electric current chargesthough your veins.
Work Flexibility
DiversityChampion: To design the best products, westrongly believe that to our team needs to be asdiverse as our global customers. The more diverse the input of our experiences,the more complex and rich the output of our designs. We expect you to activelyand consciously support our work culture which demands empathy, self-awareness,respect, compassion and understanding for diverse perspectives, backgrounds,and life stages.
Life-long Learner, Mentor and Teacher: We want you to always lookfor opportunities that push you beyond your comfort zone and develop your individualsuperpowers. That includes actively learning by doing, as well as teaching andmentoring your colleagues through our Advanced UX Academy. We believe thateveryone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.
World Traveler:We work globally with some great teams and partners. You must be willing andable to travel ? sometime with only a few days' notice.
TestDriver: We build some interesting and sometimes unusual vehicles that need tobe driven safely. So you must be able to pass mandatory advanced drivertraining and be comfortable (or ideally excited) driving heavily modifiednon-production vehicles.
We are proud tobe an EEO employer M/F/D/V. We maintain a drug-free workplace and performpre-employment substance abuse testing.
This role description is a guideline and does not create contractualrights between the Company and any of its employees. The Company does not enter into any type ofemployment contract, implied or written, with its employees regarding jobsecurity

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