Front-end / Fullstack Engineer

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL) represents the Volkswagen Group in applied research and development. Our mission is to develop innovations and technologies for future generations of cars, and to transfer technologies from many industries and research institutions into the automotive domain.
This position will be responsible for creating cutting edge software infrastructure to bring new connected functionality and interfaces to the automotive market. The role will include architecture and algorithm design to create connected in-vehicle applications.
The position will develop prototype implementations and interfaces to enable future connected vehicle applications, potentially developing system requirements and specifications that will influence future production systems.
Role Responsibilities
Investigate and develop technical concepts and solutions for new generation of services linking vehicles to the cloud and mobile devices.
Develop flexible, performant, and polished web content, utilizing latest development paradigms while collaborating closely with UX/UI designers.
Designing, developing, and maintaining network services and distributed systems, with particular attention to RESTful interfaces, microservice architectures, and potential for scalability.
Out-of-the-box thinking by adding.
Experience with developing web front-ends focusing on modular and maintainable systems with high performance.
Experience designing, implementing, and maintaining RESTful services.
Experience with optimal integration of internal/proprietary, third party, and open source technologies to solve complex problems in a customer-centric manner.
Proficiency in Linux.
Familiar with key development and collaboration tools (git, Jira, Confluence etc.).
Familiar with the design & analysis of computer algorithms and data structures.
Advanced knowledge of networking and distributed systems.
Desired Skills
5 years' experience with common back-end frameworks such as Spring, Play, etc. and associated software development paradigms.
Experience with common front-end frameworks and technologies such as AngularJS, React,
HTML5, CSS3 (and CSS preprocessors), responsive design, etc. and associated software development paradigms.
Basic knowledge of SQL/ORM as well as NoSQL principles and practices.
Familiar with development and deployment on cloud systems such as AWS (using DynamoDB, ElastiCache, etc.).
Experience in implementing microservices and back-end architectures in highly modular deployments.
Experience managing streaming and heavyweight data in an efficient and scalable way.
Experience in a collaborative and interdisciplinary research environment.
Familiarity with mobile development on Android and iOS.

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